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The Kids Are Alright....Or Are They?

The Kids Are Alright.

At least that’s the story that’s being told. And I think we can all agree that everyone wants the kids to be alright, but we can see they are being pushed through a system that is painfully broken. A system that is falling apart more every time we turn around. We are being told that they *finally* have the French program figured out. That they *finally* have a solution over crowded schools. We are being told our kids will *eventually* get it. Unfortunately, we are also seeing that none of these stories have happy endings.

Solutions Or Bandaids?

The solutions being provided aren’t solutions at all, they are bandaids. It’s upping class sizes and changing zoning. It’s taking kids out of their communities and bussing them to wherever an empty classroom is, and this is NOT sustainable. Kids are falling between the cracks at devastating rates, and will continue to. I know this, because I am the one they come to asking for help when they are entering high school and can’t read. And I hear the same story every time. I see the same sad, defeated faces of these children whose spirits are broken. Please hear me when I say this is not a teacher issue- I know and love many, many public school teachers who are over worked and whose hands are tied. This is a policy and political issue. We live in one of the poorest provinces in Canada, with one of the LOWEST literacy rates across the board. That is not ok. Re-zoning won’t help that. Changing the French curriculum again won’t change that. Systemic change from the ground up will. Taking your child’s education into your own hands will. Early reading intervention for EVERY child is critical- what area of life is made easier by being functionally illiterate? None.

A Different Story Is Possible.

Here at Riverbend, we make literacy the top priority. We believe that literacy should be a right. We believe that right should be accessible. So that is why Riverbend will be doing everything possible to make tuition accessible for the Fall 2023 school year. We have new initiatives to make this school a place where not only your child can thrive academically, but socially and emotionally. Where we nurture learning, accountability and community. And where we make it affordable. If you want to see what options are available for your child here at Riverbend, don’t wait until their spirits are broken, and reach out for a tour today.

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