Part-Time Program

Our part-time program allows students to tailor their learning experience. This is a wonderful option for students who are looking to have a more rigorous or meaningful academic experience in the morning and would like to return to public school in the afternoon or for those students who are home-schooled. Our part-time program hours are:

Monday - Friday 8am -12:00pm

Virtual Program

Our Virtual program allows students to join our class virtually by Zooming in Monday - Thursday and having access to a top-notch, customized learning program designed to meet their academic needs they can access anytime through Google Classroom and the suite of programs we use online. They will have access to a real teacher who can give them feedback and keep them on pace and meeting deadlines and goals. They will be able to Zoom in live from 8:30-12:00pm . For more information email us today! We being a new classroom after we have a cohort of 8 students.


Monday - Thursday 8:30am -12:00pm