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Our Programs

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Full-Time Program

Currently Riverbend has a thriving full-time program for students in grades 1-8. Our focus is on robust and engaging teaching in the core subjects of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in the first half of our day. Then students do hands-on learning through inquiry-based learning and specialty classes in the second half of the day such as science, social studies, entrepreneurship, art, music, drama, and physical education. Our unique classroom style allows students to work independently while getting help from their teachers due to our blended, mastery-based, self-paced model. (See below for more information.) Each student is given a personalized learning plan which is monitored and customized along the way. Students in our program are challenged and met at their current learning level, whether they are below, at, or above grade level. We incorporate outdoor play, exercise, mindfulness, and social/emotional awareness daily to contribute to their success in and out of the classroom. We even have a noon-hour roller skate club! All students use tablets or ipads to accommodate and enhance their learning throughout the day in combination with paper and pencil and hands-on learning.

All students are assessed during the application process in order for us to individualize their academic program and to meet their social/emotional needs as well.

Our unique classroom style helps students learn:
• organizational skills
• self-regulation skills

• how and when to ask for help
• how to work independently

• ongoing self-monitoring for personal success

Our classrooms and school environment are designed to ensure students feel safe, loved, inspired, and engaged to meet their academic, physical, emotional,   and social needs. Our staff is fully committed to setting your child up for success and accepting them for who they truly are.

Yearly Tuition: $13,00

See Financial section for further details


Part-Time Program

The Part-Time Program has the same philosophy and approach as the full-time program but only includes the academic portion. Children attend 8-1 pm. They get the most out of the academic portion of the day. The part-time program doesn't include any of the specialty classes or inquiry-based learning in the afternoon. This also doesn't include of our extracurricular such as class plays or performances.

Yearly Tuition: $10,200

See Financial section for more information

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