After-School Learning Program

We are so excited to be launching our after-school program in September 2021! Our after-school program is designed to be a hybrid of tutoring and a place for children to come and play, explore and socialize. There are 2 programs available.

The Rebel After-School Learning Program $130/week 

This program is available Monday to Friday, 1:30-5:30pm. This option is for students who need explicit reading intervention or homework support. They will have up to an hour of reading instruction each day in small group sessions with a tutor. They also will be able to rotate into regular playtime that will include the opportunity to be outside or inside in one of our three updated classrooms.

The Apollo After-School Club $110/week (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LICENSING IS COMPLETE)

This program is available Monday to Friday, 1:30-5:30 pm. This option is for students who are looking for a fun, safe and inspiring place to come after school. We will have daily hands-on activities, open invitations to play ready and waiting for kids each day. This is a standard after-school program that does not include academic support.