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I'm Rebecca Halliday and this is Riverbend Community School. We are currently located at 200 Karolie road in Riverview in the "Old Gunningsville School" as we still fondly call it.

Our Story

We opened Riverbend Community School officially in 2012. We opened the doors in 2013 to our first day school class for middle school students and started with 6 kids in grades 4-8. We grew to a program that maintained an enrollment of 12-16 kids at any given time. We used to be located in downtown Moncton in a heritage home and made so many wonderful memories and had many students stay with us until High School. The children in our program attended anywhere from 2-4 years and the majority transitioned back into public school after grade 8 into High School and did phenomenally well. Riverbend was originally designated for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dysgraphia or ADHD. However, over the years we've moved away from being a designated school for students with LD because we have learned that a truly effective and impactful academic program meets the needs of all learners. Students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia just need proper accommodations, an executive-functioning friendly environment, and effective, yet meaningful instructional approaches.  This kind of approach works beautifully for all learners, not just those with a diagnosed LD. 

In June of 2020 with heavy hearts, we closed our doors. Between the pandemic hitting and the building we were in no longer suiting our needs, we had no other option. Then I discovered my long-time dream space at the old Gunningsville School was available! I rented out half of the school, and we re-opened in September of 2021 and focused on the early years. We realized over the years that students who were not being taught to read and do math properly or in a meaningful way for them from the early years (K-1), were at a far greater disadvantage by the time they reached grade 4 or 5. So our new program is mostly students in grades 2-5. We are slowly expanding our program to include middle years again as well.

Our new location is an absolute dream with lots of green space, a full-size gym, and ample classroom space. 

The Early Days 2013-2020

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