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Imagine a school  that could 
change your child's entire life...




Our Initiatives

All children should experience a safe and engaging learning environment. We also believe students must be successful readers, writers, and mathematicians. Literacy is a social justice issue and all students should be reading by grade 1. Due to inefficient and out-of-date instruction and pedagogies, many children are not reading and literacy is at an all-time low in our province. Our main initiative is to ensure our students receive the best literacy instruction rooted in the science of reading and experience a literacy-rich environment across all subject areas each day. Reading is THE fundamental skill that defines the academic success or failure of a child.

Our Mission

At Riverbend we believe school should be an extraordinary experience for children. We believe class sizes should be small. Students who are below, on, or above grade-level have the opportunity to work and thrive in a small, self-paced learning environment with loads of personalized support. This allows them to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. Welcome to our elementary, multi-age, modern classroom where our blended instruction and self-paced structure allows for mastery of all content areas. Although we are not a school designated specifically for dyslexia or other learning differences, many of our students over the years have attended our school with learning disabilities and are thriving! This is an exciting place to learn for all learners! 


“Cassie is allowed to be who she is at Riverbend. Her strengths are celebrated and she's being pushed to learn at a pace that works for her. Cassie is so happy to go to school every day, it was never like that before."
- Nadine, mother
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