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Your Child is in Great Hands

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At Riverbend Community School we want students to feel safe and nurtured at all costs. Our small and inviting classroom environment is designed to nurture students' well-being and academic spirit. We want them to get curious and feel excited about learning, but know they can move at their pace. We believe deeply in mastery-based teaching, letting kids work on the skills they need until they really "get it." See below for a more in-depth look at the modern classroom approach we use at our school. Our kids can work at their academic level, using tools and strategies that work best for them in order to achieve true mastery of skills.  Our teachers are there to teach concepts as many times, in as many ways necessary in order for students to make connections and master what they are learning. We place a huge emphasis on literacy and teach using practices that are rooted in the Science of Reading. This includes a systematic phonics program that directly and explicitly teaches children to learn to decode. We also place a huge priority to build children's background knowledge with rich, high-quality, curriculum-focused content from a very early age. This is how we build confident and skillful readers. We believe these kids can achieve great things and we set the bar high. Our mission as their teachers is to guide them towards their personal greatness at all costs.

Is Independent School Worth It?

Well, that's a tough question to answer. It really depends on your child and if the sacrifice is worth it as a family. It can be scary to think of taking your child out of public school or that putting them in an independent school just doesn't feel "normal." Like many parents, you may have been hoping for a wonderful public school experience for your child, and that just hasn't happened. For some kids, the school is just too large or noisy or they aren't being challenged or they are falling behind. Whatever the reason, there are many wonderful things that make independent school an investment that will change the trajectory of your child's life forever. The first thing that I've seen that has made a huge difference in the lives of my Riverbend students over the years is their sense of belonging. Kids who once had belly aches and mysterious ailments are miraculously "cured" when starting with us. Just the power of an inspriring, calm and small classroom environment makes a huge difference. Next, they start to feel like they can be themselves. Because of the small nature of an independent school, kids feel heard and seen and like their teachers really know them. We have time and space to build relationships and we know that the best learning happens in classrooms where relationships are prioritized. Additionally, as a parent, you get to be part of your child's school life and have close communication with teachers. There are no surprises and you too can feel like you are part of a community. The bottom line is that it is worth it. It's worth seeing your child light up about learning new things, it's worth knowing your child loves going to school each day, it's worth giving them an academic foundation early on that will set them up for success for the rest of their school life. Whether you want your child to close knowledge gaps or to have their learning enriched, an independent school can serve that need.