Tuition is often the biggest decision and drawback for many families. My mission has always been to keep this experience as affordable as possible. Despite lobbying the government for change, there is no tuition support program at this time. We are considering starting a fundraising program for families to take part in, in order to offset the cost of tuition. Please inquire if this is something you'd like to participate in.

Annual Tuition

$10,200/ year

Option 1 - $750 per month payable across 12 months (we are not open in the summer, but you will still make payments in the summer months to spread the payments out to be more affordable). 

UPDATE: We will be requiring an extra $100 per month to be paid each month starting in September 2021 - this can be done through fundraising or families can simply pay the extra $100 per month.

Option 2 - $1020.00 per month payable across 10 months

Other Fees/Costs

  • $850 deposit upon enrollment. Due June 30th, 2021. The deposit will be used towards your September tuition.

  • $150 yearly supply fee - there are no school supplies you will be required to buy except for personal headphones.

  • Ideally, each student will have their own iPad or laptop - we will have extra ones for use, but they can't be guaranteed use.